Psychobabble: Exploding the myths of the self-help generation

Self help is now seriously big business. It’s also having a big influence on all our lives – whether we’re aware of it or not.

After several decades of huge growth in the industry, most of us believe without question that we should do more, be more, expect more. But given that we seem to be less happy than at any time in history, could it be that self help is actually counterproductive? Is it possible that self help is just messing with our minds?

Great book, truly great. It offers a unique perspective on the current state of psychology practice and the way it affects our lives.

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Superpowers for Parents: The Psychology of Great Parenting and Happy Children

We all want our children to be well-behaved, well-balanced and happy little people. But it’s rarely as simple as it sounds. Being a parent is a really tough job. Even though you love your children to bits, sometimes they take everything you've got - emotionally, mentally and physically. That's why every parent needs superpowers. An array of things to do and say, and an approach for every tricky situation, when you know there’s a better way but you can’t think what it is.

In Superpowers for Parents you’ll uncover the secrets of great parenting and discover how you can get inside the mind of your child to understand why they behave as they do.

If you only ever buy one parenting book, make it this one.

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Brilliant Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: How to Use CBT to Improve Your Mind and Your Life

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivers powerful tools that can help you dramatically improve your life.

This is the most useful and practical guide to CBT available. Written by highly regarded Clinical Psychologist Dr Stephen Briers, it clearly explains how CBT works, giving you plenty of exercises to help put the theory into practice and illustrate the effectiveness through stories from people who have used CBT to turn their lives around. Clear, concise and highly readable.

One of the best books I have ever bought.

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